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Keep your customers safe, assets protected and reputation secure 


With retail security services of the utmost professionalism. 

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Retail crime costs Australian businesses up to $9 billion every year. 

Shoplifting, burglary, vandalism and employee theft are extremely common in retail, with each incident destroying profitability, placing staff and visitors in danger and damaging your company’s brand. 

Without a robust security presence to provide that peace of mind, your business has a much greater chance of falling victim to criminal activity – with the result that nobody will walk into your shop ever again. 

Our retail security officers will make sure none of that happens – protecting your business and brand at all times. 

Security solutions for the retail sector 

Perth Security & Guard Services offer a range of robust security solutions you can rely on to ensure your business stays protected 24/7. 

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Loss Prevention

We ’ll design a tailored loss prevention security strategy for your business, making sure your property is fortified, your assets are kept safe and any allegations of employee theft are swiftly dealt with.

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Security Guard Patrol

Our specialised security officers know the threats your business is faced with . Their foot patrols are a strong deterrent to any would - be criminals determined to harm your business.

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24/7 Alarm Response

Our advanced back - to - base monitoring system means that every time an alarm goes off, we’ll get notified. We’ll then dispatch our security officers to your premises in u nder 10 minutes – day or night

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CCTV Monitoring

Our officers can provide 24/7 closed - circuit monitoring of retail shop security cameras, keeping watch so nothing goes unnoticed. Unlawful behaviour will be actioned immediately, so you can focus on running your business.

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Crowd Control

Does your store attract thousands of visitors? Are you hosting an event with hundreds of people? We’ll ensure all visitors are always kept safe , with our crowd control specialists at your service. so your business is maintained properly.

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After - hours & night security

Your business constantly remains under threat – especially after hours. We can supply guards, monitoring and alarm response services at all hours of the day (and night).

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Immediate crime response

The moment criminal activity is identified, our security personnel will take immediate action – subdue the suspect, investigate the incident and notify police immediately.

Why choose our retail security services? 

At Perth Security & Guard Services, we’re not just another security company. 

We employ only the most reliable officers in the entire security industry. 

Each and every one of our security officers are: 

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Given specialized training in retail security, so understand the unique requirements of a store and the threats presenting it

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Professional, approachable and reliable – they’ll make your guests feel comfortable and safe, while acting as a strong deterrent to those planning to do wrong



What are the security issues in retail? 


There are key primary issues in retail security that every business in the industry needs to get across. This includes: 

  • Point of sale theft and shrinkage. Taking cash from the register, a high level of voided transactions, products slipping through the door, straight-out shoplifting. 


  • After-hours theft. When the lights are out nobody is watching, that’s when the criminals seek their opportunity to harm your business. 


  • Lawsuits. Retail stores are often sued for slip and falls by customers. Having a strong video surveillance system is an ideal way to prepare for those claims, as you can capture the evidence as it happens. 


What is a retail loss prevention strategy? 


Retail loss prevention involves developing and implementing strategies to help your shop prevent losing money and inventory through robust security operations. This can include through: 

  • Highly trained security officers providing patrolling across your store 

  • 24/7 security camera monitoring and alarm response 

  • Training internal staff to help them understand risks and identify signs 

  • Regularly auditing your inventory so nothing is unaccounted for 


How many security officers do I need for my store? 


There is no definite number for the number of security guards required at your shop. This is because every business has different needs, and the precise number will depend on the type of threats your store faces. 


Are your security officers licensed? 


Yes. All retail security officers have a Security Officer’s License approved by the Western Australian Police Force. They are also all fully trained in First Aid.


How much do you charge? 


We’re committed to providing competitive and affordable pricing to businesses across Perth. Please get in touch if you need a tailored quote. 


How do I get started? 


Get in touch with our customer service team here to receive a tailored quote or call us on 1300 573 784. If you need an urgent service after hours, you can also call us on 0421 504 599. We are also available on, or you can fill out the contact box below to request a quote or ask questions. 

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