Private Function Security Service

First-class security for private events, parties and functions. 

Whether you’re hosting a private party, function or wedding, a security team is crucial to ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. 

Our team here at Perth Security & Guard Services have over 23 years’ experience providing private security for events across Perth and Western Australia, and we’re committing to ensuring the safety of your event too. 



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Security for Private Party

We specialize in providing professional security services for private parties and events, with professionally trained and licensed security guards experienced in maintaining safety to ensure everyone has a good time. 

With our team on board, you can ensure complete control over the event and prevent unwanted party crashers from disrupting the festivities. 

We also provide security for teenage parties and youth events, where safety concerns are heightened due to the age group.


Security for corporate functions 

Looking for security for your next work function? We have you covered. 

We understand that corporate events face risks such as theft, sabotage or other security breaches. Any security issues can damage the reputation of your organization. 

Our security service can help to ensure that your corporate function runs smoothly and safety. 


Security for weddings 

Getting married and looking for a security service? Wedding functions and engagement ceremonies are significant life events that people want to remember for the right reasons, and you don’t want a security threat to mar the celebration. 

Our security service can help to ensure that your wedding or engagement ceremony runs smoothly and safely. We can also work with your event planner and venue staff to ensure that all security concerns are addressed. 


Crowd control 

Crowd Control is a critical aspect of event management. It is crucial for maintaining order and preventing chaos, especially when your event has dozens, hundreds or thousands of people. 

Our security team consist of effective crowd controllers who are experts at ensuring the safety of everyone involved in your event. 

We also provide festivals security service if your organisation is responsible for managing a large festival. 



About our Security Guards 

At Perth Security & Guard Services, our professional guards understand the unique challenges that come with ensuring the safety of a private function. 


Trained & experienced 

Our guards are trained to be attentive to detail, proactive in identifying and mitigating potential risks and quick to respond to any security-related issues that may arise. Our officers also have the skills and knowledge to handle the unique challenges that come with private events, and their expertise provides peace of mind to organizers and attendees alike. 


Friendly & professional 

Our team also are here to establish a friendly rapport with your guests while maintaining a professional demeanor at all times. Their approachable nature enables them to gel well with every member of your team, creating a comfortable and secure environment. 


Or call us, if urgent: 

Main line: 1300 573 784 

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FAQs about our private function security service 

 How many security guards do I need for my event?  


The number of security guards required for an event varies based on the size and nature of the event, the venue and the level of security needed. We can help you determine the appropriate number of guards based on these factors.  


Who is responsible for security at a private event?  


The responsibility for security at a private event typically falls on the event organisers, but they can hire a security company to provide security services. 

Yes, our security guards are licensed by the Western Australian Police Force, ensuring they meet the required standards of training and professionalism. 

How much does it cost to hire security guards? 

The cost of our security services varies depending on the specific needs of the event. We can provide a personalised quote after assessing your security requirements. 


How do I get in touch with you? 

Get in touch with us here to receive a quote or call us on 0404 764 139. You can also email us at  

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