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Mobile Patrol Service in Perth is one of the vital services to secure all of your premises, construction sites, land development, mining sites and entertainment events. Mobile patrol guards operate along with workforce guarding and CCTV camera monitoring. Our Mobile Patrol service in Perth is active day and night with no delays. Suppose you need Mobile Patrol service at larger business locations such as manufacturing or industrialised sites. In that case, mobile patrols are a great solution for sustaining the security of your site and dipping the danger of criminality or law-breaking.


Navigating Modern Security Challenges with Perth Mobile Patrols

In today’s complex and ever-evolving world, the need for comprehensive and dynamic security measures has never been greater. At Perth Security and Guard, we specialise in offering unparalleled ‘mobile patrol Perth’ services. These services are the backbone of modern security solutions tailored for various environments ranging from bustling entertainment events and vast land developments to intricate mining and construction sites.
Our mobile security patrols stand as a testament to our commitment, operating both during the bright light of day and the quiet of night, ensuring that every nook and cranny of your property receives the attention it deserves. This is achieved through the seamless combination of our workforce guarding, CCTV camera monitoring, and mobile patrol units.

An In-depth Look at Our Mobile Patrol Services

At Perth Security and Guard, we don’t just offer a ‘mobile patrol’ service; we provide a comprehensive suite of offerings meticulously designed to ensure your premises’ complete protection. Our ‘mobile patrol Perth’ services have been curated based on years of experience, industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of our clients’ unique needs. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what we bring to the table:


Patrolling for Safety Threats and Criminalities:

Our mobile patrols are always alert, actively scouting for potential dangers, unauthorized activities, and signs of criminal intent. This proactive approach ensures threats are identified and addressed promptly.


Alarm Response:

Our team is adept at swiftly responding to security alarms. Whether it's a false trigger or an actual breach, our 'mobile security patrols' are trained to handle and investigate the situation efficiently.


Protection for Late-Night/Early Morning Workforces:

We understand that many businesses operate beyond the standard hours. Our patrols ensure your workforce, especially those operating during vulnerable hours, remains safe and secure.


Locking and Unlocking Facilities:

Beyond surveillance, our team also aids in the locking and unlocking facilities, ensuring your infrastructure is secured after business hours and ready to commence operations each morning.


Recognition of Unauthorized Vehicles:

With increased vehicle-related crimes and unauthorized entries, our patrols are trained to spot and report any unfamiliar or suspicious vehicles in the vicinity.


Open-Air Spaces Security Measurement:

Large open spaces can be challenging to monitor. Our mobile patrols specialise in overseeing such spaces, ensuring every corner is under surveillance.


Emergency or Fire Response Initiation:

In the unfortunate event of a fire or any emergency, our patrol units are equipped and trained to commence immediate response actions, prioritising safety and damage mitigation.


Alarm System Inspections:

Periodic checks on alarm systems are crucial. Our patrols are skilled at inspecting and ensuring these systems are operational and free from glitches.


Scheduled Mobile Rounds:

Routine is key in security. Our patrols operate in scheduled rounds, ensuring consistent, timely, and systematic surveillance of your premises.


Alarm System Resets Post-Incident:

After any incident, restoring security systems to their original state is vital. Our team ensures that alarm systems are reset and fully functional post any security event.


Emergency-Equipped Vehicles:

To maintain our commitment to safety, our patrol vehicles come equipped with essential emergency tools, such as first aid kits, ensuring immediate assistance when required.

What do we provide?

    • Patrolling for Safety Threats and Criminalities
    • Alarm Response
    • Shielding late night/ early morning workforces
    • Locking and Unlocking Facilities
    • Recognising unofficial vehicles
    • Security measuring in open-air spaces
    • Commencing emergency or fire response
    • Inspecting alarm arrangements
    • Creating scheduled mobile rounds
    • Retuning alarm systems subsequently an incident
    • Vehicles furnished with emergency aid gear such as first aid boxes.

        Mobile patrols service only means having guards which can move around your sites without any fixed point so that any illegal or suspicious activity could be reported. With this, you can feel peace of mind that there are trained eyes to provide security at particular premises.


Patrolling your business so you don’t have to

Perth’s leading mobile security patrol service
Keeping an eye on your business at any time, day or night Mobile patrol services are an essential security measure to ensure your property is kept safe at all hours of the day.
Whether you run a construction or mining site, an office, an entertainment venue, a warehouse or any piece of land, running any business or owning any property comes with risks. At Perth Security and Guard Services, we give you peace of mind knowing your assets and property are safe with us.
Without a high-quality mobile security patrol service, your business remains exposed to external threats that could ultimately result in property damage, asset loss, personal injury and ultimately a strike to your reputation.
Don’t take chances. Get in touch with our security specialists to find out how we can help.

Reliable & trustworthy patrolling services from one of Perth’s leading security companies

Perth Security & Guard Services provide a range of patrol services to suit your unique commercial requirements, offering the flexibility to give you the peace of mind every business owner needs.
We offer both a mobile patrol service and an alarm response service:
Why choose us for your mobile patrol?
Our security officers are better trained, more dependable, and more capable to deal with any threat to your business.
Our company only hires the best security personnel in Perth– because your property deserves the best.


Strategic Security Investment:

When you partner with Perth Security and Guard for ‘mobile security patrols’, you’re securing more than just your premises and investing in a comprehensive safety net. Our services provide
Adaptable Security:
With mobile patrols, we transcend the boundaries of fixed-point security. Our guards constantly move, ensuring that every part of your site is within our protective gaze, no matter how remote.
Consistent Vigilance:
Our mobile patrol service in Perth guarantees 24/7 surveillance, ensuring threats are identified and neutralized in real time.
Broad Spectrum Coverage:
Whether your business sprawls over a vast industrial site or is a more compact manufacturing hub, our mobile patrols adapt, ensuring every inch is secure.

Securing Success:

Vigilant Guard Services at Perth Security

At Perth Security & Guard Services, we understand that your business, its assets, customers, and reputation need unwavering protection. That’s why we offer a cutting-edge security guard service meticulously tailored to safeguard your company’s assets and image. Our security guards are not just professionals; they are your allies in ensuring the safety and success of your business.

Our range of security guard services covers every aspect of security, providing comprehensive protection:

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Alarm response security systems provide timely and accurate notifications to security personnel or law enforcement agencies in the event of a security breach or emergency situation. This all allows for quick intervention, which is essential after hours. Rapid response to security incidents can help prevent further escalation, protect staff and guests from harm, and mitigate potential losses or damages to the organization’s assets.

Need a security team at your premises urgently? Get in touch, and we’ll mobilise a team immediately to provide swift protection.


Connect with Perth Security and Guard Services Today

Choosing the right security for your property is not just a decision; it’s a commitment to safety. And there’s no room for compromise when it comes to ‘mobile patrol Perth’ services. Ready to experience the pinnacle of mobile patrol security? Reach out to Perth Security and Guard Services. Let our experts devise a security blueprint tailored just for you.

Contact us, and together, let’s redefine security for the better.

Benefits Aligned with Your Business Needs

Choosing Our Mobile Patrol Services offers a multitude of benefits for your business:


Security Patrol:

Our guards can regularly patrol your property, ensuring that your customers, staff, and assets remain secure, providing a strong deterrent to potential threats.


Retail Security:

Our specialised retail security teams are experts in safeguarding your store from criminals looking to steal your inventory and damage your reputation.


Night Watch:

If your assets require protection after hours, our team can provide close surveillance to ensure their safety throughout the night.


Crowd Control:

Our guards are trained to handle all types of crowd control, whether you're running a bustling venue or hosting an event for thousands of people.


Protection from Modern Threats:

In an era of increasingly sophisticated criminals, our security guards are your first line of defence against break-ins, shoplifting, and burglaries. Protect your business, staff, and customers from becoming the next victims.


Alarm Response:

Our security guards offer 24/7 monitoring of your property's security alarms, responding promptly if an alarm is triggered.

Unparalleled Professionalism in Every Scenario

Because Mobile Patrol is paramount for any event or gathering. Here’s what sets our services apart:


We understand the unique challenges associated with private events and customise our services to address your specific needs. Whether it's a private party, corporate function, wedding, or festival, our solutions are tailored to ensure safety and security.


Our proactive approach includes identifying and mitigating potential risks before they escalate. We prioritise prevention to ensure that your event runs smoothly without security disruptions.

Emergency Response:

While maintaining professionalism, our security team creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Their presence enhances the overall experience while ensuring safety.

Exclusive Features of Our Comprehensive Mobile Patrols

Our ‘mobile patrol’ services come with a suite of features designed to maximise security and provide peace of mind:

Diverse Patrol Functions:

We're not just about moving around. Our patrols are trained for various functions, such as identifying safety threats, responding to alarms, safeguarding workers during vulnerable hours, facility lock-ups, etc.

Emergency Preparedness:

Our patrol vehicles come equipped with essential emergency gear, including first aid boxes, ensuring we're always ready to respond.

In-depth Surveillance:

Beyond patrolling, we also focus on identifying unauthorised vehicles, assessing open-air security measures, and even post-incident alarm system resets.

Scheduled Patrols:

We understand the importance of regularity. Our mobile patrols operate in scheduled rounds, ensuring consistent security coverage.

Hear From Our Clients

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our satisfied clients have to say:

Mark T

"Perth Security & Guard Services has been instrumental in safeguarding our business. Their alarm response services are exceptional."

Emily S

"With a response rate of less than 10 minutes, Perth Security & Guard Services is the epitome of reliability. I trust them with the safety of my business."

Hear From Our Clients

But don’t just take our word for it. Let our satisfied clients tell you why Perth Security and Guard is their trusted security partner:
These testimonials testify to our unwavering commitment to excellence and your security.

John D

"Perth Security and Guard has been an invaluable asset to our business. Their professional security services have significantly impacted our safety and profitability."

Sarah L

"I've never felt safer thanks to Perth Security and Guard. Their responsive alarm services are a game-changer. Highly recommend!"

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Frequently asked questions

Mobile patrol is a service where highly-trained mobile patrol officers drive throughout sites conducting detailed checks. This can include offices, construction sites, shopping centres, schools, hospitals and more. Mobile patrol responds to alarms going off, noise complaints and more.

All our patrol units have all standard security patrol equipment. This includes radio scanners, comms gear, warning lights, spotlights and dashcams.

Alarm response involves security officers being on standby in case one of your alarms activates. Once an alarm goes off, our personnel will attend your property in marked cars, conduct a thorough inspection, look for signs of unauthorised entry or the causes for activation. We will get in touch with the police if required. You can learn more on our alarm response page.

Absolutely. All our security staff have a Security Officer’s Licence approved by the Western Australian Police Force. All our officers, as part of their licence applications, had to complete an approved training course, pass a written exam and show evidence of their First Aid Certificate and Certificate II in Security Operations.

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