Mobile Patrol


Mobile Patrols Service in Perth is one of the vital services to secure all of your premises, construction sites, land development, mining sites and entertainment events. Mobile patrol guards operate along with workforce guarding and CCTV camera monitoring. Our Mobile Patrol service in Perth is active day and night with no delays. Suppose you need Mobile Patrol service at larger business locations such as manufacturing or industrialised sites. In that case, mobile patrols are a great solution for sustaining the security of your site and dipping the danger of criminality or law-breaking.

 What do we provide?

  • Patrolling for Safety Threats and Criminalities
  • Alarm Response
  • Shielding late night/ early morning workforces
  • Locking and Unlocking Facilities
  • Recognizing unofficial vehicles
  • Security measuring in open-air spaces
  • Commencing emergency or fire response
  • Inspecting alarm arrangements
  • Creating scheduled mobile rounds
  • Retuning alarm systems subsequently an incident
  • Vehicles furnished with emergency aid gear such as first aid boxes.

Mobile patrols service only means having guards which can move around your sites without any fixed point so that any illegal or suspicious activity could be reported. With this, you can feel peace of mind that there are trained eyes to provide security at particular premises.

Perth Security Patrol 1 Mobile Patrol 1