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Robust Mine Security Solutions for Your Peace of Mind

In the challenging world of mining, safety and security are paramount. Perth Security & Guard Services specialises in providing comprehensive mine security solutions designed to safeguard your valuable assets and ensure the safety of your personnel. Our experienced team of mine security experts is dedicated to helping you operate confidently in the often remote and demanding environments of mining sites.

Our Approach to Mine Site Security

At Perth Security & Guard Services, we offer a range of specialised mine security services tailored to meet the unique needs of your mining operation:


Mine Site Security Guards

Our team of highly trained and experienced mine site security guards is equipped to handle the specific challenges of mining environments. From access control and perimeter monitoring to incident response and emergency preparedness, our guards are your first defence in safeguarding your mine site.

Perimeter Surveillance

Protecting the boundaries of your mine site is essential. Our advanced perimeter surveillance systems, including CCTV and motion detection technology, provide continuous monitoring to detect and deter unauthorised access.


Access Control

Regulating access to critical areas within your mine site is crucial. Our access control measures, which include biometric systems, key card access, and digital access codes, ensure that only authorised personnel can enter secure zones.

Asset Protection

Mining operations involve valuable equipment and assets. Our asset protection services include tracking and monitoring equipment movements, preventing theft, and implementing asset recovery strategies.


Perimeter Surveillance At Its Peak

Investing in our mine security services offers a multitude of benefits:


Enhanced Safety

The safety of your personnel is paramount. Our mine site security guards and surveillance systems create a secure environment, minimising the risk of accidents and incidents.


Protection of Valuable Assets

Mining equipment and assets are significant investments. Our asset protection measures safeguard your valuable resources, reducing the risk of theft and damage.


Compliance with Regulations

Mining operations are subject to stringent safety and security regulations. Our services ensure that you remain compliant, avoiding costly fines and disruptions.

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Peace of Mind

Knowing that your mine site is secure lets you focus on core mining operations confidently, ensuring productivity and profitability.


Yielding Safety And Compliance

Securing your mining operation is a matter of compliance and a fundamental requirement for success. By choosing Perth Security & Guard Services for your mine security needs, you benefit from:

We understand the unique security challenges of mining sites and tailor our services accordingly.

Our mine site security guards are trained to handle the complexities of mining environments and ensure the safety of your personnel.

We employ state-of-the-art surveillance and access control technology to provide real-time monitoring and deter potential security threats.

Every mining operation is different. Our services can be customised to suit your specific requirements, ensuring a personalised approach to security.

Hear From Our Clients

Our clients attest to the value of our mine security services:

John M

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"Perth Security & Guard Services has significantly improved the safety and security of our mining operations. Their mine site security guards are professional and effective, giving us peace of mind."

Emily S

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"We've seen a noticeable reduction in incidents and unauthorised access since partnering with Perth Security & Guard Services for our mine site security. Their expertise in mining security is evident."

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Frequently asked questions

For a licensed venue, the required number of security guards typically depends on the venue’s size, type, and expected attendance.

As a general guideline, industry standards suggest having one guard per 100 guests for general events, but this ratio may increase for events higher security risks.

To determine the exact number of security guards you need for your specific venue and event, it’s best to consult with Perth Security and Guard Services. We can provide a tailored assessment based on your venue’s characteristics and requirements.

You can easily get in touch with us through this website. Simply fill out the contact form on our website and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your specific security needs. 

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