Loss Prevention Security Service

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Secure your assets with loss prevention you can depend on.

Each and every year, retail loss costs businesses approximately $7.5 billion. Robust loss prevention security measures are therefore critical to protecting the safety, profitability and reputation of your organization. 

Our loss prevention security service

At Perth Security & Guard Services, we have over 23 years’ experience preventing theft, criminal activity and other threats to the security of businesses across Perth and Western Australia. 

Here are just some of the services we can offer: 

Security guards

✔ Our specialist covert loss prevention officers are highly experienced in overseeing the security of the assets and inventory in your store. Their presence alone is often to deter theft and discourage shoplifting.

✔ Our security guards can monitor and patrol your store, identify suspicious behavior, and take proactive measures to prevent theft, performing duties such as bag checks, surveillance, and apprehending suspected shoplifters. 

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Alarm response

✔ We offer a customized alarm response service to ensure any threat to your business is caught 24/7. 

We can install alarms on your property to detect any unauthorized movement and immediately alert our guards – who will deal with any incidents swiftly. 

Retail Security

✔If you run retail stores, then the protection of your assets and inventory will be at the top of your priority list.

✔ Our team of guards are experts when it comes to retail loss prevention – from preventing employee and customer theft to ensuring any threat is dealt with swiftly and professionally.  

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After hours support

Threats to your business don’t stop after hours. Dangers such as vandalism, theft, break-ins, and unauthorized access remain very real once the clock passes 5.00pm. 

Our after hours security support include on-site security guards, CCTV surveillance systems, alarm systems, and remote monitoring. This ensures prompt response and effective protection during off-hours when your business is more vulnerable to security risks. 

Tailored loss prevention security solutions to suit you

Not every business is the same–we get that. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you protect your assets, ensure your profitability and defend your reputation through a customized security solution!

Here’s how we can also help: 

    • On-site and mobile security guards
    • CCTV
    • Crowd control
    • Access control
    • Incident response
    • Security audits
    • Risk assessments
    • Security consulting
    • And more.

Why hire Perth Security & Guard Services?

As a reputable and experienced service provider in the security industry, we understand the importance of protecting your business from losses due to theft, vandalism, and other security breaches. 

With our expertise in loss prevention, you can finally stop your search for the right partner! 

We prevent losses before they happen 

Our approach to loss prevention is proactive, aiming to prevent loss before loss is suffered. This is especially the case in retail security, where high shrinkage levels can decimate a business. 

Through vigilant monitoring, and prompt response to security incidents, we make every effort to stay on the front fit – implementing measures to deter theft, vandalism, and other security breaches before they happen, minimizing losses to your business and providing a safer environment for all. 

Our team is friendly – yet fierce 

Our guards are trained to be approachable and friendly, creating a positive experience for your employees and customers. However, they are also trained to be assertive and take decisive action when faced with security threats. 

Our guards are skilled in de-escalation techniques, conflict resolution, and crisis management, ensuring that situations are handled professionally and effectively. 

We don’t provide a cookie-cutter solution 

We understand that each business is unique. Our security services are customised to your business needs, taking into consideration factors such as the size of your premises, type of business, location, and other specific security concerns. 

Our security experts work closely with you to conduct thorough assessments, develop tailored security plans, and implement measures that best suit your business, providing a comprehensive and effective loss prevention solution. 


Or call us, if urgent: 


Main line: 1300 573 784 


After hours line: 0404 764 139 


Our process

Here’s how our service works.


It starts when you contact us. You can submit an enquiry through our website or give us a call, and we will have a discussion about your security needs. If necessary, we can provide recommendations on the most suitable on-site security solution for your specific situation. 


We’ll then work closely with you to deliver what you need. Whether that’s a few guards to provide security on one day, to a comprehensive loss prevention strategy – we’ll make sure all your bases are covered. 


Once your plan has been finalised, we will put it into action. This may entail having security guards stationed on site round-the-clock, installing CCTV cameras throughout your premises or providing other necessary services as per your requirements. Rest assured, we will be there to fulfill your security needs as and when they arise. 

Case studies

Here’s how we’ve helped some clients prevent loss to their business. 

What clients say about our loss prevention service

Really professional operator. We have used them for many functions. The guards they provide are very approachable and friendly.Would highly recommend 5 star!!! Keep up the good work guys
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Dale Columb
Venue Manager, The Boat
Very professional group of guys! They are always very friendly and helpful with every situation. Every venue I have been to when these guards are on the door, they have made my experience more than welcoming. Highly recommend! 👍
placeholder Loss Prevention 13
Tim Webster
Visitor, Mindarie Marina

FAQs about loss prevention

How does loss prevention work? 

Loss prevention typically involves implementing measures to minimise theft or loss of goods, assets, or information within a business or organisation, such as implementing security protocols and surveillance. 

What is the most common loss prevention technique? 

One of the most common loss prevention techniques is CCTV surveillance. However, having trained security personnel visibly present on site to deter potential thieves and criminal activities, perform regular patrols, and monitor surveillance systems is also common. 

What are the signs of a shoplifter? 

Signs of a potential shoplifter may include behaviors such as lingering in areas with limited visibility, avoiding eye contact, excessive or bulky clothing, fidgeting or nervousness, and attempting to conceal merchandise. 

How many security guards are needed for a retail store? 

This depends on various factors, such as the size and layout of the store, location, foot traffic, and security risks. A comprehensive security assessment by our team can determine the appropriate staffing levels for your specific store. 

How much do your security services cost? 

Our security service costs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, and can be discussed in detail during a consultation with our team to determine the most suitable security solutions based on your requirements and budget. 

Where can I learn more? 

To learn more about our security service, please feel free to reach out to us via email at info@perthsecurityandguard.com.au or by phone at 1300 573 784. Our offices are located in Perth, Western Australia. 

Our team will be happy to provide additional information, answer any questions, and assist you in determining the best security solutions for your needs.