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Never Let Your Guard Down.

Security services in Perth that specialise in providing peace of mind to business owners with timeliness, respect and professionalism.

Our approach is to translate modern risk management principles into cost effective practical solutions for our clients. High visibility Security Officer presence and timely response to incidents is essential, Our patrol patterns are carefully planned to capture and identify hot spot areas by providing strong presence, and reassurance to the community.

Specially trained security guards stand ready to assist Perth businesses in dealing with the risks to their business with COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis. All our staff are fully vaccinated and have been through a formal and comprehensive COVID-safe training programme.

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Perth Security & Guard Services

A reliable security company to keep your premises safe and your assets protected

If your business in Perth needs security services on an urgent, one-off or regular basis, we’re available 24/7 to take your call.
Our friendly and professional security guards are trained to protect your assets and your staff – and we can assemble a team at short notice.
We serve all business owners across Perth, WA – providing retail, industrial and commercial security solutions.

Security Guard Service

We provide trained, respectful and professional security guards you can trust to keep your premises safe.

Alarm Response Service

We offer 24/7 alarm system response so you can quickly address any theft or criminal activity at a moment’s notice.

Crowd Control
Crowd Control Service

Discrete or prominent crowd control to prevent an assembly from becoming a threat.

Mobile Patrol
Mobile Patrol

Our security personnel can regularly patrol your premises to ensure every inch of your business is safe at all times.

Loss Prevention
Loss Prevention

A specialised retail loss prevention service designed to protect your business from shoplifting, shrinkage and employee theft.

Retail Security
Retail Security

Our retail security officers are trained to create a safe environment for your store, prevent theft and deter any threats that arise.

Security Guard

We are the most trusted security service in western Australia

Local government
Local Government

We provide security services to Western Australia local governments to help them keep our communities and businesses safe.

Trusted Services

Our Security Guards are highly skilled and experienced, and we have been through the rigorous process of gaining ISO accreditation. You can trust us to consistently deliver the highest level of service and performance when protecting your assets.

Why choose Perth Security & Guard Services?

We’re not just any security guard company.

Versatile & Responsive
Fully Licenced & Insured
Exceptional, Trusted Service

Security solutions that are timely, reliable and professional.

Our well-trained expert security officers and guards are known for being on time, respectful and trustworthy – and always available to you when you need them. Whether you’re experiencing an urgent security breach or your regular security team having the night off, our team has your back.

All staff are trained to create a reassuring presence, making sure that your premises stay safe from all potential threats. Providing comfort for all your employees, customers and the surrounding public.

Peace of mind is our specialty.

We want you to stress less, sleep better and focus on doing what you do best – running your business without worrying about the safety of your staff, your patrons or the critical assets that make your business run.

That’s what our security guards are trained to do – to place you and your team at ease while you provide focus on running your operations.

We protect your brand – not just your assets.

All our guards know that safety is an integral part of your company’s brand.

Nobody wants to go somewhere or do business with someone that has a reputation of being unsafe.

With our team by your side, rest assured your organisation’s image will be associated with a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

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