Crowd Control

Perth Security and guard services not only help in threading situations but also help in normal events. We all know events are crowded with an abundance of people which is quite risky. Our security guards provide effective and reliable services as crowd controllers. What is crowd control? Well, it involves skilled security guards who are friendly yet reliable enough to control a huge number of people.

Whatever the event may be, it can be on a small level event or a large-scale event of sports, festival or a function, you can trust our guard services in Perth. The crowd controller job is not an easy one which is why we train our security guards to have an immediate response to danger. Our crowd controllers are reliable, welcoming, communicative, and professionals. They are trained to easily notice any type of damage in a group of large people which makes them perfect for event security. We strictly follow the nature of events to make sure the crowd does not feel uncomfortable.

Having a staff of crowd controllers makes our security guard services, one of the most trusted ones in Perth. You can rest assured that the crowd will not feel threatened and your event will be peaceful by opting for our event security or crowd controllers.

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What is crowd control?

Crowd control involves the presence of highly trained security guards to manage large numbers of people. The service is designed to prevent any form of trouble that can arise when a crowd forms in a confined space. Anything from rowdiness, disorderly conduct and fighting to crowd crushes and affray.

Your crowd might be the result of:

  •       a planned event (such as a music festival, sporting event or party)
  •       the nature of your business (with regular crowds forming at shopping centres or airports)
  •       a spontaneous event (such as incident gatherings or unplanned protests)

Whatever type of crowd you’re facing, the presence of security guards is integral to ensure nothing gets out of hand.


Why is crowd control necessary?

Crowd control is always going to be critical if you’re anticipating large numbers of people in the one space. This is to ensure that your facility:

  •       Keeps all patrons as safe as possible
  •       Complies with state-based work health and safety legislation
  •       Maintains its reputation as a safe and welcoming services provider

Here’s how our crowd control service works

When you need a team urgently

Sometimes – there’s no time for a plan.

And you need emergency crowd control services ASAP.

Either your security team has the night off or a crowd has emerged unexpectedly.

If that’s the case, call us now:

Main line: 0404 764 139

After hours line: 0421 504 599

We’ll do our best to assemble a team that can be there at short notice.

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FAQs about our crowd control service

Yes. All of our security officers are properly licenced by the Western Australian Police Force under the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996 (WA). All crowd control officers we employ have a Crowd Controller’s Licence, which can only be obtained after the completion of an approved training course, a written exam, a First Aid Certificate and a Certificate II in Security Operations.

No. They can only make a citizens’ arrest (just like any other member of the public).

There are a number of tactics you can execute to ensure your crowd control strategy keeps everybody safe.

Help people find their way. At events, people want to know where they’re going. Regular attendees might know the way, but others might not. A good crowd control strategy involves minimising the chaos of people looking around wondering where to go – not just with guards, but with appropriate signage.

Maintain a steady flow. Managing people’s movement throughout your venue is vital to reducing chaos. The right strategy involves the proper creation of barriers to ensure people keeping moving consistently in the right direction.

We generally recommend at least two security guards per 100 people. However, you may need more depending on the situation depending on the nature of the event, the unique risks present on-site and the crowd demographics.

We recommend getting in touch with our security professionals directly to know exactly how many guards is best for your circumstances.

For urgent services, we can mobilise a team in as little as 1-2 hours depending on your precise location. Give us a call on 0404 764 139 or call us after hours on 0404 764 139.

Get in touch with our offices here to receive a quote or call us on 0404 764 139. If you need an urgent service after hours, call us on 0412 082 930. You can also email us at or fill out the contact box below with any queries.