Construction Site Security

Ensure safety, security and peace of mind at your construction site.

The security of a construction site is essential to completing your project safely, on time and on budget, with minimal disruptions and loss. 


Having a robust security plan in place overseen by professionals is the smart way to protect your construction site, and grant peace of mind to your personnel, customers, stakeholders and investors. 

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Our Construction Site Security Services 

The team at Perth Security & Guard Services have over 23 years’ of experience providing security for construction sites across Perth and Western Australia. 

We understand that construction sites are a dynamic environment. That’s why we offer a completely flexible approach, whether you need a temporary setup or an ongoing security plan. 

Our primary construction site security services include: 

Construction site security officers 

Our team of veteran security guards have decades of experience patrolling and overseeing the safety of construction sites. Our officers can be either static, or conduct either ad-hoc or regular patrols of your site. 

They are well-trained, fully licensed and highly skilled when it comes to addressing instances of vandalism, unauthorized access or theft. 

Our security officers will be fully briefed on your project requirements, ensuring all entry and exit points are secure, your employees are safe and your reputation is protected. 

Alarm response 

Construction sites face security risks on a 24/7 basis, which is why we offer a tailored alarm response service monitoring your site at all times of the day. If our systems detect unauthorized movement, our security officers and the authorities will be immediately notified to deal with the problem. 

Our team is trained to act quickly when alerted. So you can have the peace of mind to know your site is safe both day and night. 


Access control 

Your sites aren’t open to the public – so it’s important to make sure only authorized visitors are allowed inside. This can involve providing you with readers, keypads, key cards, fingerprint scanning and more.

Our access control equipment can relay data back to your systems, so you always know who is coming in and going out (and ensure only authorized visitors are able to enter). 

Tailored construction site security solutions to suit your requirements 

Whatever security requirements you need to make your construction site safe, we have it covered. We also provide: 

·         Concierge services 

·         Random drug & alcohol testing 

·         Commercial building security 

·         Regular hazard identification 

·         Reception security services 

·         CCTV surveillance 

·         Static security 

·         Mobile patrols 

·         Site checks 

·         Incident reporting 

·         After hours support


When you’re with us, you’ll never be alone. 

Why hire Perth Security & Guard Services for your construction site security? 


At Perth Security & Guard Services, we fully understand the unique challenges that come with running a construction site. It is dynamic, challenging and has many working parts – and we’re here to help. 


Here are just some reasons why you should hire use to provide you with tailored construction site security services: 


Specialist knowledge of construction sites 

Running a construction site is unlike any other type of site. We know exactly what it takes to run a site effectively, whether that’s a small building site or a large-scale construction project – because we’ve done it for over 23 years. 

From creating a security plan and ensuring perimeter protection, to conducting both static and mobile surveillance, our licensed security professionals know what it takes to deter trespassers and vandals, ensuring your assets and staff are safe at all times. 


Friendly and professional security guards 

Our security guards offer the ideal blend of professionalism and personality. They’re able to have a laugh and get along well with your team. But they’re also fully licensed professionals – and won’t hesitate to act quickly when the moment calls for it. 

This ensures that your team feels comfortable working around our guards, knowing that they have their back 24/7. 


Ready urgently 

If you need a security team urgently deployed to your construction sites, we’ll make you the priority and muster the resources quickly to make sure we get there. We understand that unexpected things happen at the last minute in construction, so get in touch with us right now and we’ll deliver the urgent security service required. 


Or call us, if urgent: 

Main line: 1300 573 784 

After hours line: 0421 504 599 


Our process 

Here’s how our service works. 


You brief us 

It starts when you reach out to us. Shoot an enquiry through via this website or give us a call, and we’ll discuss your security requirements. If required, we can also help advise what on-site security solution is best for your circumstances. If the matter is urgent, we can deploy a team at short notice. 


You plan with us 

The next step is to spend time with you working out a plan to ensure your construction site is protected when your project begins. This can include determining how many security guards you need, where they should be placed, whether alarm response is required or if you need any concierge services performed at certain times. 


We take a flexible approach to planning. In construction, we recognize that one size does not fit all, and so are committed to ensuring the right solution is built for you. 


We execute 

Once your security plan has been determined, we’ll execute our plan. Whether that involves having security guards on site at all times, CCTV cameras installed throughout your building, preparing reports, or anything else, we’re there when required. 

Case studies 

Here’s how we’ve helped some clients in the construction sector. 


What clients say about our construction site security service 



FAQs about construction security 


What are the security risks on a construction site? 

Construction sites face a variety of security risks, including unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, trespassing and arson.


Who is responsible for construction site security? 

The responsibility for construction site security typically falls on the project manager or owner of the construction site. It is their responsibility to ensure that the site is secure and that all necessary measures are taken to protect workers, visitors, and property.


Is in-house security or contract security better? 

Contract security has many benefits over in-house security. This is because they specialize in security services and have trained personnel with experience in construction site security. Additionally, they often have access to the latest security technology and equipment, which can improve site security. Contract security also provides more flexibility and can adjust to the changing security needs of a construction site. 


How many security guards do I need for a construction site? 

This depends on several factors, including the size of the site, the value of equipment and materials on the site, the level of risk, and the time of day. A security assessment should be conducted to determine the appropriate number of guards for the specific site. 


How much does construction site security cost? 

The cost depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the site, the level of security required, the length of the project and the location. Every project is different, and it is best to contact a security company for a quote based on the specific needs of the project. 


How do I get in touch with you? 

To get in touch with us, you can send us an enquiry through the below contact form, or call us at 1300 573 784. You can also email us at Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide a quote for your construction site security needs. 


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