Most current alarm systems propose advanced methods of identifying and mitigating emergency circumstances for today’s home and business holders in Perth. Whether it’s a false alarm, lawbreaking in progress, or an intensifying fire, you shouldn’t have to put yourself in a possibly helpless situation.

In an emergency, when your alarm goes off, you need to know that Perth Security & Guard Services provides a 24/7 alarm response and guard patrolling service for your site.

We organize a security guard in a highly noticeable and trademarked vehicle to any site or location in Perth. We will identify and remove any unlawful person, report any criminal activity or theft to Police on your behalf. The guard will record timing and all essentials of the event and will submit a professional report to the management.

What we offer at Alarm Response Service in Perth:

  • Officers equipped with the GPS navigation system, smartphone, and emergency response kit
  • 24/7 off-site remote security monitoring system
  • A fully marked patrol car with flashing warning light
  • Security officer wearing Hi-Vis Tactical vest to Deter Offenders
  • Quick Response for Solution
  • Immediate communication with law enforcement for emergency response

 Our highly-trained and capable Alarm Response service in Perth will know what to look for on arrival to a call-out, identifying the potential risks, the type of emergency, and carefully dealing with it.


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